Smart Start LC
A Tour of our Preschool Room:                                            3yrs-5yrs
Goals:  Kindergarten Readiness, Socialization, Manners, Basic Academic Skills
Ratio 1:12 (2:24)
We Provide:
            Breakfast, Lunch and PM Snack          Your Childs own cot    Supplies       learning materials
You provide:     Blanket Extra       Clothing
Lesson Plans Aligned with State Standards (Requirements for child to be ready for Kindergarten)
            Creative Curriculum
            Themes picked based on kids needs and interests
Parent Conferences and progress reports twice a year
Developmental screenings after 30 days of enrollment and at transition times.
All toys and surfaces cleaned daily with diluted bleach water
Staff trainings- CPR, 1st aid, child abuse, and communicable diseases
                        10 hours annually on development and OELDS

Preschool Room Rates:

(less than 7 hours a week 1- 2 days)
Part Time
(7-24 hrs a week, 3 days )
Full Time
(a week above 25 hrs 4-5 days)
5.25 an hour



PREK Program MWF 9-1

School Age
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